Brady Miller Calls On Findlay High School in Ohio To Expel Two Cheerleaders For Racism

During this section of Callin’ Out Your Racism we have a post shared on Facebook by Brady Miller which shows Findlay High School Students in Ohio using racist slurs on Snapchat.

The post reads:

“I am calling on Findlay City Schools and Findlay High School to expel these two students. As I understand, they are a part of the cheerleading team. However, actions like this bring the entire image of the sports department and the school as a whole to a new low. Accountability is a must. It’s time Findlay stands up for its black students.”

“I know the values and mission of FHS are strong, but this type of despicable behavior typically is overlooked. Get these dangerous words out of your schools! (And while you’re at it – PLEASE add a little more Black American History to your courses…I’m learning far too much in my 20s that should have been in my high school curriculum.)”

EDIT: Please remember to keep this post constructive in its content. The initial meaning was to keep accountability at the forefront and to hope to use this as an example of the sheer racism in our school systems. We do not need to comment on the livelihoods of these girls – we must remain peaceful. Please and thank you!

Here is the original post:

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