Brad Shepard Drops a Truthbomb on the #EndMensWrestling Movement

Earlier this evening, a friend tipped me off to a trending hashtag within the wrestling Twitter community – #EndMensWrestling.

Initially, I wondered if I was just missing a story or something significant which led to this bizarre hashtag. But alas, it was simply a vocal group of women’s wrestling stans (a niche of a niche) spazzing out on Twitter.

Imagine a world without men’s wrestling. A world where every week Raw, NXT and SmackDown are seven hours of women’s wrestling. It would indeed be the worst show on television.

Without men’s wrestling, there would have been no Bruno, no Hulk, no Rock, no Austin, no Cena, no Flair…etc.   

Look, I’m not generally a fan of women’s wrestling, but I also understand a vocal minority audience are. There is a place for men and women’s wrestling in the industry. Wrestling needs special attractions like women’s wrestling, giants, midgets…etc.

So you don’t have to suffer, I’ve shared some of the tweets from people who used this hashtag, to give you an idea of the situation.

Yikes! I thought I would chime in with an important reminder to those fans supporting the end of men’s wrestling.

That’s what you call a reality check. The replies to my tweet have continued pouring in, and they’re not too kind.

I won’t post all of the replies, but you get the idea – they’re big league mad, and unfortunately for them, that’s just too bad.


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