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Borderlands 2 Is an Ideal Fit For Nintendo Switch, And We Just Might Get It

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We’ve seen a number of signs indicating that Borderlands 3 will be announced to some capacity during PAX East at the end of this month, based on the evidence we’ve seen making the rounds on social media. But that may not be the only surprise that Gearbox Software has in store for us.

The developer recently posted a new image on Twitter,noting that it’s “Time to tease another game for PAX!” They then attached a fuzzy picture of the screenshot to it. Only…this one seems a little easy to make out.

From Gearbox’s Twitter account. (Yes, it’s supposed to be fuzzy.)

If you squint- a little- it appears to be an image taken from Borderlands 2, which was previously released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PC, and later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as part of The Handsome Collection. Which leaves us to wonder…what platform would benefit from a release of this game?

Our guess? Nintendo Switch. That seems to be the “hot” platform at this point considering how well its games are selling, both on the AAA and indie front. So a port of Borderlands 2, with online and local co-op support, would no doubt be a smash. And paired with the Borderlands 3 announcement, it would cover all the bases when it comes to giving 2K Games some big holiday releases, even if they do mostly cover familiar territory.

Now we just need to see what the announcements are, but we’ve got a good guess that Borderlands fans are in for a treat in less than two weeks. Who wants to place bets?

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