Boomer’s Top 25 Week 10

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25. Fresno State

24. Boise State

23. Utah

22. Texas

21. Iowa

20. Washington

19. Michigan State

18. Penn State

17. Boston College

16. Utah State

15. Syracuse

14. Iowa State

13. Mississippi State

12. Kentucky

11. West Virginia

10. LSU

9. Washington State

8. UCF

7. Oklahoma

6. Ohio State

5. Georgia

4. Notre Dame

3. Clemson

2. Michigan

1. Alabama

Before the committee comes out with their picks made sure to get mine out with a little shakeup at the top.  Michigan I know lost to Notre Dame but now looks better as the season progresses and Clemson even though playing inferior talent in the ACC has hit their stride. All things will shake out in the next few weeks will Notre Dame stumble?  Can anyone compete with Alabama?

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