@BookitWithTrent is the Sports Betting Personality Everyone Needed

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This man is a tank. The guy known at “Book it with Trent” is the social media personality everyone needs in their life. You know why? He is just one of us.

Trent found the app, BookIt, where people can share their betting plays daily with each other to give perspective of the average bettor. Trent obviously bets more than the average bettor, but he has the personality that we all have sometimes. 

What makes Trent also an intriguing follow, is that he encourages people to fade him. In his twitter bio he calls himself the Fade God as he does miss a lot of his big plays which cause hilarious live reactions from him on his Tik Tok and twitter page.

You even have people do full “Fade Trent Parlays”.

Now, it’s not like Trent misses every bet, it’s just the way it seems like due to his amazing content on his social media handles. However, I do know a lot of people who try to fade every one of Trent’s bets in aim for profits. There even is a twitter account that literally just picks the opposite of what he says.

There are people who will fade and there will be people who ride, but Trent is the next generation of gambling content. Trent if you are reading this, I am a rider, not a fader and I wish you the best.

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