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Bonnie Brown Is About To Hit The Top 1% On OnlyFans – @onlybonniebrown

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Bonnie Brown is becoming one of the most talked about girls on the entire OnlyFans platform.

She is close to hitting the top 1% of OnlyFans as she is sitting at the top 1.1%. Honestly there is a chance that she becomes in the top .1%. Wondering why I think that?

Well… there is no doubt that out of all the OnlyFans reviews that hers is one of the most impressive.

“Hello there!! I’m Bonnie brown – or Onlybonniebrown I began only fans as my best friend suggested it to me as it would be a great adventure for us to do together …. she never started and I did! So I started my page on Valentine’s Day (tragic) and it’s been nearly 2 months nearly now and I have nearly 600 subs and 16000 followers on twitter which is beyond believable! I’m also nearly in the top 1%! So I must be doing something right? Only fans has been an eye opener to me because before i started I know people look down on the girls who do it but from personally doing it I’ve realized the girls who do it are so lovely! Supportive! And amazing! Also it is a 24/7, 7 days a week job, it really isn’t as easy as you think. Without some of the other girls I wouldn’t still be doing what I am. I am hopefully quitting my full time job as a buyer once quarantine is over and working at only fans full time! It’s the best decision Iv ever made.”

Just look at this beaut.

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