Bob Menery’s 5 Funniest Sports Calls of All-Time

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YouTube sportscaster and comedian Bob Menery has had a lot of funny calls that he had during games and sporting events on his Instagram posts. 

Well today, we have the top five funniest sports calls that he has had posted on Instagram.  

5) The Race of the Century


This was a funny call based on the fact that Bob does a good job on calling this race of people in inflatable dinosaur suits and having to race each other. 

Nice job calling it down the middle at Emerald Downs, Bob. 

4) Grinch That Stole Christmas


Back in April at the Final Four, Menery makes a hilarious call focusing on one referee which is seen to make a Grinch-like running stance and he said it makes him look like the Grinch himself.

We bet the referee would laugh about it when he sees the video of this portion of the game. 

3) Straight Lit Up 


First of all, we miss the AAF. And just when we thought the extremely short-lived league was gonna take off, it kinda did. 

Bob makes a hilarious call on how San Diego quarterback Mike Bercovici was sacked and hit hard and fumbled the ball which was recovered by San Antonio. In which he states the QB became the ‘headless horseman.’ 

Just about sums it up. 

2) Einhorn is Parkey! 


In this rendition of the ‘Double Doink’ play against the Chicago Bears and then-kicker Cory Parkey, Bob states a funny call about the missed field goal and head coach Matt Nagy’s face right afterwards. 

He also makes a joke regarding the Bears mascot ‘being killed’ as he falls down in shock. Who knows what would happen if that kick would’ve made it through. 

Menery with another amazing call here. 

And now the #1 funniest call Menery is...

1) Tackled by the Undertaker 


For any wrestling and college football fans out there, this clip is for you. 

Menery makes a funny call when a South Carolina Player was stopped by two Missouri defenders and was slammed to the ground by the two defenders. 

Making the reference and pun to the Undertaker of the WWE. Would think the slam would be better, but hey the effort counts. 

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