Bledsoe off to Milwaukee

The Phoenix Suns have traded starting point guard, Eric Bledsoe, to the Milwaukee Bucks for center Greg Monroe and a first-round draft pick. Earlier this year, Bledsoe sent out a subtweet that changed the course of his career, which is shown below:

The tweet stated that Beldsoe is unhappy with where he was at the time. Bledsoe later told the media that he was at a hair salon and that he was getting tired of being there. There is no real context for the tweet but after Phoenix’s start of four wins and seven losses the pieces kind of fall in the puzzle.

NBA Twitter, being its usual self, created many memes poking fun at this situation.

Analytically, this trade makes absolutely no sense for the Phoenix Suns because Bledsoe was one of their biggest contributors. This season so far, Bledsoe has averaged 15.7 points per game. Also, they already have a center in Tyson Chandler who averages 9.3 rebounds per game. Getting Monroe from Milwaukee is confusing because he is far less of a contributor, scoring only 6.8 points per game and only five rebounds, which is far less than the contributions of Chandler and Bledsoe.

However, after the tweet came out from Bledsoe, maybe this trade does make sense. Bledsoe is clearly unhappy with the current situation in Phoenix, and Phoenix does not even want Bledsoe there.

The first-round draft pick really makes this trade because it will help Phoenix build around their young core of Devin Booker and Josh Jackson.

For Milwaukee, this trade is a steal. They get a veteran point guard to come help develop Malcolm Brogdon and do not really lose many contributions to their team.

Hopefully, Bledsoe will “want to be” in Milwaukee’s Hair Salon.

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