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Blake Griffin Passes Kendall Jenner To The Side During Season To Ben Simmons and Hit’s It After Season and I don’t blame him

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Alright so apparently Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons aren’t together anymore and Blake Griffin is back to hittin’ it. What a move by Blake. According to multiple reports and photos the two have been seen together multiple times in public lately, so imagine what’s happening when the cameras aren’t on. Honestly. Kendall seems to get passed around like a rag doll, from NBA player to NBA player to music stars. Everyday it’s a different headline. And I mean, if that’s what she likes… so be it. Kendall let this blogger right here get a turn. My twitter is @TrevStonePSE… Gotta shoot my shot, right?

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Kendall has already asked multiple times to get back with Simmons after cheating on him about a hundred times. But… maybe this means Griffin is here to stay with her… Just kidding, she’s already said she didn’t want to spend time her time in Detroit… Obviously Detroit is a big change from Hollywood…. So honestly I think that once again Blake will pass on the Kardashian/Jenner headache to Simmons again during the season. Which I’m fine with. He get’s the banging Jenner body during the offseason, nothing better than that. Right?

Well I mean one thing could be better for my feelings anyway… Detroit could be still in the playoffs… But that’s nothing that Griffin could control as he had one if not the best season of his career. So I don’t blame Griffin at all. And if banging a Kardashian continues to improve his performance on the court… Fine by me.

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And I mean for Ben Simmons what are you going to do? Not accept her when she’s not with Blake? I mean.. It’s Kendall Jenner.

But it’s also like Ben Simmons and Blake Griffin are kissing/banging each other because of how often they seem to move on from Kendall. I’m sure when Philly get’s eliminated from the playoff’s Ben Simmons will be somewhat back in the picture. Hopefully Kendall helps Blake get his knee back to 100%.

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Kendall and Ben Simmons

Now to get you up to the latest rumor:

According to Sports-Gossip:

It shows Blake and Kendall at the same restaurant at the same time.  Blake and all their friends are staying at the Montage Beverly Hills that is 10 minutes away from Kendall’s house in LA. Also the Tweet from a girl saying she was dining next to Kendall Jenner at Craig’s confirms she was there.

There was a crazy amount of paps at Craig’s, but there was no pics taken of Kendall, and no one even knew she was at Craig’s until a complete stranger noticed her.  There’s enough proof that Kendall and Blake were together inside of Craigs. 

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Now that Blake’s back with Kendall what will happen?

Who actually cares? I just can’t wait and see when Ben Simmons get’s back into the picture… Will it be this offseason? Doubtful. Or will it be at the start of the regular season? More than likely. I just Blake’s move to pass her onto Ben when the season starts.

I don’t blame Blake. I would too. Blake need’s his focus during the season to hopefully bring another NBA Championship to the city of Detroit, it’s been too long. Blake is it’s okay can Kendall hits me up also? It can be during the season. It doesn’t matter when… As long as it’s okay with you bro. Ben on the other hand, who cares. Go Pistons.

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