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Blake Bortles Was Stupid For Letting Lindsey Duke Get Away; Tom Brady Reaches Out To Kyle Trask?

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Blake Bortles was once a quarterback that NFL analysts thought had all the potential in the world. He was drafted by the Jaguars and unfortunately just never quite lived up to all the hype. He showed a few fleeting moments of greatness, but odds are that Bortles will end up being a 2nd string quarterback for the rest of his tenure in the NFL.

Even more bad luck, Bortles once had an incredibly hot girlfriend that he let slip through the cracks. Her name is Lindsey Duke, and she is straight fire. Take a look at the pictures below and determine whether or not you would have let Lindsey get away from you if you were in his position.

In other NFL news, Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting quarterback Tom Brady recently reached out to the Bucs 2nd round draft pick out of the University of Florida, quarterback Kyle Trask. Unlike Aaron Rodgers who is being a crybaby about his team drafting a quarterback, Brady seems to be embracing Trask’s arrival. Trask was asked in an interview recently if Brady had reached out to him. See Trask’s comments on the conversation below.

“Yeah, he actually did, he reached out to me a couple days after the draft and you know, he was just making sure, or checking in on when I get into town so we can get together and maybe do some throwing and things like that,” Trask said on the NFL Network, via Pewter Report. “It meant a lot to me. Not only Tom, but a couple of other guys have reached out so you can definitely tell they have a great culture and a great group of people in this building and I can’t wait to get started,” Trask said. 

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