Bills Fan Streaks Fully Naked During Sunday’s Game [Video]

Fans have been known to do some crazy things. They like to be fully invested in their team.

This Buffalo Bills fan had his own approach to the game.

During Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints, One fan thought it would be a smart idea to run on the field naked. This was probably a dare from friends after a couple of drinks. But…who knows? People nowadays do some crazy things. After a good amount of time on the field, the streaker was caught by security.

What do people do in this situation?  Some fans are just trying to look the other way so their kids don’t see. Other fans, as you see on the bottom of the video, are cheering the man on. Then there are the players who are probably just as confused as people watching the video. But… the real question is what do the security guards do in this situation? No one wants to tackle a naked man.

This had to be one for the ages. At least Buffalo has something to smile about after their horrific 47-10 loss to the Saints. Even though he most likely got arrested, at least the man had more rushing yards than Buffalo’s offense.

There was a full moon out during Sunday’s game in Buffalo. Just probably one that people did not want to see.

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