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Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain Used to Drag Race Their Cars….ACROSS THE COUNTRY

Are we at all surprised these two legends in the basketball world also have legendary off the court stories being told some 50-60 years past their prime? Bill casually drops that he had a sick Lambo back in the day and he would occasionally race Wilt in his Maserati. If that wasn’t cool enough, they raced across the country. The United States of America, to be specific. Let’s check the distance from Boston to LA

A casual 44 hour drive (for us simpletons in our modest, yet dependable Toyota Camrey traveling at 72 mph). Imagine having the will and resources to make that trip? And not just the trip, but to try and get to your destination before your buddy. I did some searching and found a little known photo of the two at the starting line. Yes, this is a real life picture.

Breathtaking. No wonder these two combined for 13 NBA titles (one pulling his weight in that total a tad more than the other). Rumor has it these races took place between games of the 1969 NBA Finals.

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