Bill Pulte Continues To Change The World By Giving Away Money, Cars and Bitcoins on Social Media @Pulte

Bill Pulte has popped up more on my Twitter feed than anyone else over the past month and the thing is… it’s all for good deeds: which is something we all need to do more of and “Twitter Philanthropist” Bill Pulte is leading the way.

Just take a look at some of his tweets from the the past couple of days of some of his giveaways:

Him and his “team” have helped bring in school supplies to tons of classrooms, more examples can be found on his Twitter.

I’d recommend turning your notifications on, I’ve had mine on for almost a month, haven’t won yet: but continue to watch Bill change the World.

I could use some money for rent or a vacation 😂 my cashapp is: $TrevStonePSE.

Now… that’s all fun and games. I don’t need him to send me anything, but if he does… that’d be awesome.

Now it’s time for you to go win, follow him by clicking here and go win some $! Or maybe even donate some $ to someone in need.

That’s not all he’s doing, he also bought someone in Detroit a car!

What a move:

What’s Bills background?

Keep doing what you do, Bill! You’re changing the World 1 tweet at a time.


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