Big Fella Dustin Wickizer Goes Viral After Taking A Tough Fall In Quick Race

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Want a good laugh? I tell ya what, I sure got one.

Sometimes a little pain is funny but when big fellas fall… *and they’re okay* it makes me laugh unlike anything else. **people slipping on ice comes in second though**

Dustin Wickizer was running in a short race… and when I say short… I mean a short… It was him against his buddy and well Dustin ended up taking a pretty hard fall.

Can we get a rematch?

Hahaha! Ouch. Stupid shoe got in the way! Or was it the crack in the ground? One or the other. Either way, it’s all love! Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself.

You can follow Dustin on Instagram by clicking here!

For those who are wondering before I posted this blog I checked in with Dustin and he is okay. He’s laughing at it now.

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