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Big Ev ‘Double Vodka Don’ Is Not Getting Enough Credit During His Weight Loss Journey He is Absolutely Killing IT! @DoubleVodkaDon

One of my favorite Barstool degenerate gambler Evan McDowell aka Big Ev aka Double Vodka Don has been killing his weight loss journey. Further proving if you can put your mind towards something anything is possible. He is just a regular dude who just wants to change his life for the better with being realistic about his goals and lifestyle. He recently posted a picture on Twitter today of some of his results and he looks awesome!

He is achieving his goals step by step and absolutely KILLING it! Keep it up Big Ev you’re an inspiration to many and I don’t know if you realize that! We are all here supporting you so keep pushing my man! I know I am in your corner rooting for you! Also the Don had probably one of the greatest quotes of this week in a video he just uploaded to Twitter, “Ride the Bronco to the promise land” someone needs to get that tatted across their chest thats a lifestyle quote!

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