Big Brother Finale Night Has Twitter Blowing Up #BB22

Well the All-Star season of Big Brother has come to an end and Cody has been declared the unanimous winner of the season for only the second time in the history of the show. With all that being said viewers have taken to Twitter declaring that former winner of season 16 Derrick had a lot of influence on Cody’s game and why he won this time around.

Cody played a great game as far as competition goes and obviously as far as strategic goes his game was far superior. I don’t know if he was influenced by Derricks game much this time around, Derrick is a Big Brother legend and I do not believe you can try to replicate his game because it was so good. I definitely think Cody learned and like he said this time around he really focused on the strategic aspect much more this time around. This season was not the best by any stretch I do believe there were good game players but some people were afraid to make ‘game shattering’ moves that would have been fun to watch from the viewers perspective. But like Enzo said you have to do what you have to do to get to the final two and I have to agree. This season was odd and bland but I did enjoy watching from jury on. I can’t wait too see what next season holds and who knows you all could be seeing me next year.

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