Big Baller Brand Gains $13 Million During Lavar/Trump Feud

Lavar has proved himself to probably be the most idiotic smart business owner in the world. Lavar may be one crazy man, but he knows how to run a business.

Recently, Lavar Ball was featured on CNN to be interviewed about his feud with the President. Since CNN is known to be in the favor of Donald Trump, one could tell how this interview went.

Even though most of the interview was one man trying to out power the other, Lavar Ball did say one thing that anyone could agree with.

“Why are we even talking about this with all the political Matters in the world.” -Lavar Ball.

For once, Lavar Ball has made some sort of sense. Lavar Ball speaks for everyone when he says this. Even if someone hates Lavar, they must admire what he is trying to say.

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During his feud with president Donald Trump, Lavar Ball has gained $13 million for his Big Baller Brand. I guess everyone likes to see a person go against Trump. Lavar may be a crazy egotistic man, but I bet most people choose him over Trump.

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Lavar has now proved himself to be a great businessman. His idiotic words have gained his Brand a whole bunch of money.

I guess only Big Ballers gain money from a feud with the President.

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