Betting on darts: pure luck or skill?

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Sports betting has generally become more popular across people of all ages recently. Specifically, Darts betting has grown from being just a wagering system to becoming mainstream in the last decade. This has become even more evident with the exhibition of different dart tournaments all through the year. With this, the question of if betting on darts is based on luck or skill has been asked over and over again. The answer is as simple as many would like to accept. Although, many believe that there is an element of luck in making predictions. However, this is not always the case. Not everyone can be lucky all the time, and even if they are, there’s a place for actually understanding the game of darts. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning bets on darts, you should understand the intricacies of how it works. 

The workings of a game of darts involve two players taking turns to throw a set of three darts each at a board. The darts board comprises 20 circular parts and has two rings that can multiply the scores of players. The middle of the circles is the bullseye point, a dart to this section is worth 50 points and to the utter part of the section is worth 25 points. The other points that can be won are from 1 through 20, depending on the section the darts hit. This is the system usually applied in most dart tournaments around the world, with a 501 scoring structure.

Darts betting.

In darts, several bets can be placed just like in any other sport. These bets are what streamline the odds of the bettors making wins. 

  • Money line: This is a direct bet, similar to any game that requires two separate teams. Here, players bet on which party they think will win the match. 
  • Outright: This bet is a little bit more complicated than the former. This bet is placed on the outcome of specific events in the entire tournament. The bet includes predicting what player would win the overall event. The odds are usually specified by the chosen sportsbook. 
  • Set or Leg Handicap: in this betting type, one of the players in the tournament has a specified amount of sets or legs removed or added to their final score to decide the result of the wager. For instance, if you bet on player A to win a match -2.0 leg handicap, the player would need to win the match by three legs or more for the bet to stand. This, a 9-6 victory for player A would win you the best, but anything less for A would mean a loss of the bet. 
  • Set or leg being over or under. This is as simple as the name. It involves betting on whether the outcome of a match is over or under a specified number of sets or legs. For example, if a bet is placed on player A to win over 4.0 legs, any amount of legs he wins above 4 is valid and successful. However, anything below equals a loss for the bettor. 
  • Live betting. This type of betting is the most popular because it forms the origin of betting, even in other sports. Here, bettors are able to wager on the outcome of a match currently being played. The outcome goes beyond just who will win, it may also cover other aspects like how many legs the match would last and several others. 

The ease the 21st century has brought is the ability to enjoy all of these right from the comfort of your home. By making use of a mobile phone or computer, you can check out several platforms including to get a first-hand experience.

Analysis before betting

Naturally, and under all sense of logic, an important part of betting in darts is a viable possibility of a player succeeding. Therefore, be it live betting or handicap, this factor has to be fulfilled before placing any bets. The tournament authorities help with improving your chances of winning by making a provision of the players’ ranking according to merit before the match. This ranking is the same applied for the entire world, thereby giving bettors an edge on who they should wager on based on past performance. Although, for other sports, this type of analysis may not prove best due to various changes that could have occurred within a short span of time. An example is soccer; in soccer, a season difference could have brought about new players being purchased or even the employment of a new manager. This implies that the performance may be significantly different from the previous seasons. However, in darts, the players are provided with the prizes won by the players in their different tournaments. This brings a defining line because these prizes are hinged on consistent good performances.

Although there is no specific technique that works the same for everyone. Some individuals get lucky in placing a wager, while others have what seems like luck but is extensive analysis. In the end, it comes down to knowing your strong points in bets and harnessing them. 

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