Betting Academy Tips: How to Make Money on NHL Betting?

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Hockey is one of the most popular sports among bookmaker players. Therefore, interested players, knowing that they can also get a nice first deposit betting bonus in Ghana, are very active in betting on this sport. Among all the presented leagues, the NHL deserves special attention. The high level of the game, the strongest athletes, regular broadcasts of meetings, and the maximum coverage of events in the media, make bets on the NHL the most profitable and predictable. 

How to Bet on the NHL?

Almost all bookmakers accept bets on NHL, narrowly focused bookmakers are rare exceptions. Differences can only be in the completeness of the lines and the variety of events. 

How to Bet on the NHL to Win? 

There are many factors to consider, and as with any sport, a detailed analysis should be carried out. A distinctive feature of the National Hockey League is the comparatively equal strength of all the teams in it. For example, the Vegas team, which in the very first season managed to reach the NHL final and almost won the Stanley Cup, despite all the experts. It follows from this that bookmakers often offer high odds even on the victory of the favorite.

When analyzing the upcoming meeting of the NHL teams, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • The duration of the trips. If a team has more than four meetings outside its own arena, then it is worn out. Often betters bet on their loss in the first meeting at home.
  • Playing for several days in a row also affects the physical and emotional state of the players. Therefore, favorites with a busy schedule of meetings will often lose.
  • Changing a coach in an NHL team in the early stages can increase the level of play, regardless of the qualities of the coach himself. All players will try to show their best side to play in the first squad.
  • Matches take place very often, so you should carefully monitor the results of the meetings, anticipating the trend.
  • Compared to football in hockey, the score is quite large, so it is very difficult to predict the end result of the meeting with the accuracy of the puck.
  • Statistics. Metrics such as puck possession, shots on target, faceoffs won, goals scored need to be closely monitored, so use the free statistics services for the NHL.
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