Better Not Say “Kung Flu”

(Photo by ISAAC LAWRENCE / AFP) (Photo by ISAAC LAWRENCE/AFP via Getty Images)

China’s new overbearing security law, could mean the end to Hong Kong.

The Chinese Government in response to rising tensions with Hong Kong protesters, has passed a new security law very vaguely defining its violations. The law covers four main points. Secession, Subversion, Terrorism, and Collusion. This law was passed with zero input from the Hong Kong authorities.

The security law also covers foreign nationals abroad, giving it almost unlimited worldwide jurisdiction. The law makes foreign nationals at risk of deportation to mainland China. Canada and Australia have issued warnings to travelers venturing to China to take extra pre-caution when in the state.

This authoritarian law will send ripples worldwide. Hong Kong protestors are hoping international sanctions may force the hand of the Chinese government in their favor. U.S sanctions preventing defense and technology information being sent to China are already in place following China’s reaction to the protestors. “Beijing’s paranoia and fear of its own people’s aspirations have led it to eviscerate the very foundation of the territory’s success…” Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

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