Best Recent Calls of Viral Events By Steve Inman – @SteveInmanUIC

Photo Courtesy: Steve Inman (Twitter)

It appears that Bob Menery may have some company when it comes to commentating parody videos of viral sports and events stuff on the Internet.

Known for his career in the professional MMA fighting field, commentator Steve Inman has been taking up a new hobby of calling those events and videos lately.

Most of the videos he calls nowadays include fights among ‘Karens,’ police riots -‘d confrontations, playful (and literal) catfights, politics, etc.

So with that intro out of the way, here are a few of his best recent calls and videos as of lately….

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Riot edition

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Too much trust leads to stuff like this

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There are plenty more of his videos available for viewing throughout social media and trust us, you will not want to miss out on them!

Feel free to check them out on both his Twitter and Instagram.

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