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Best Pics of Barstool Employee, Brianna Chickenfry – @BChickenfry

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Barstool Sports has had many characters as their employees. Many notables faces there include their ‘Presidente’ Dave, Big Cat, PFT Commenter, Frank the Tank and hotties such as Kayce Smith, Ria Ciuffo, and Alex Cooper when she was there.

But the one and only Brianna ‘Chickenfry’ LaPaglia ranks up as one of the best and hottest Barstool employees around!

As a TikTok star, Brianna was brought to Barstool most famous for her posts and videos about being hungover after many wild nights out. Almost all of her posts would cure any hangover and you’d want for yourself—such as some of the hottest posts and photos like these:

She also has a podcast that gives college students advice on how to overcome hangovers and what they can do in the future.

Feel free to click on the other links below to follow Brianna more on social media.

Brianna’s Instagram

Brianna’s TikTok account

Brianna’s YouTube channel

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