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As many might know @dudewithsign has been an internet phenomena this passed year and has been able to go viral is so many different and just relatable ways that everyone can relate too. Let’s break down some of his best moments on the internet.

This is probably the best moment for @dudewithsign being able to put my small division 2 school on the map by just being a god damn legend. Thank you we all appreciate it. S/o Seth.

I mean this is the most relatable thing ever. Daylight savings was used to help farmers grow crops back in the 16th century and we still use it today and expect people to grasp its full importance.

Just yes, I mean fuck yes. This is the content everyone wants, needs, and cares about. Put this into a syringe and inject this straight into my god damn veins.

I mean, this is hilarious and topical when posted. Dude is just a meme wizard of sorts and understands the internet more than I ever fucking will. Or maybe he’s just got a good team over there at Fuck Jerry.

And he’s an activist for Civil Rights?? Full fucking package here. Love to see influencers using their platforms positively to help advocate for the change they want to see.

Last and finally… this gem of a sign. COVID has ruined many things but none of them as dear to my heart as this one. There is nothing better than going to a concert to see your favorite band and just sweat all over the place.

@dudewithsign is something that is here to stay and I am all in!

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