Best Asses in Adult History

Mount Rushmore

 By John Turbo of Black Closet Media 

 Taking into account the overwhelming popularity of amble posteriors in the adult industry—with every other favored sex worker having a backside—at the bare minimum. One could safely determine which backs have had the most—historical—importance. 

Finally, this is the definitive round table. 

Keep in mind; this isn’t simply about popularity, but the context of that prominence. Remember, bigger wasn’t always considered better in the industry—at least within certain areas. The industry at spaces seemed more—hungry—stiff towards heavy fronts with more—tighter scales around the back—

I still love em’ titties, though. 

When things began the switchgears towards some things or at least towards some individuals, the booty was just too great and a lot better to spot. 

Interestingly enough, I actually think I casted Mount Rushmore—the luscious tetrad of them all! 

I also stumbled upon impressive-enough detail worth adding.

I think all go alphabetically.



If you’re a promotor within the business of entertainment and you want to ensure capitalization of a client’s popularity, you best be sure to have them feature for as many productions as you can.

The success of Alexis Texas was due to not only her bodacious derriere, but also its heavy push by both producers and fans. Everyone seemed to love to love her—and especially her hump.

It wasn’t long following this sure-fire Texan’s debut in the industry that she was damned—near held up as a legend in the making. She became the ambassador of backside before it was a primary thing within the industry—at least the light-heavy side of the industry.

Before big-backs became more notable among the white girls, this was an essential stable among the black and brown industry.

Recall the booty on the likes of Janet Jacme, Cherokee D’Ass, Gina Depalma, and Golden Jade—of course. Well, around that era they represented the common thread within urban entertainment, which focused on “Big Black Ass”.

This wasn’t unheard of within the Caucasian side of the field but it wasn’t even that much of a theme—I mean outside of a few white girls—the drinks were quite flatter.

All of the sudden, when white girls were beginning to be more featured for urban revolved movies and magazines, audiences were treated to more white girls with interest.

Girls like Georgia Peach, Lauren Phoenix, Sara Jay, and Ryan Conner were beginning to get notoriety among fans of both sides of the industry. Producers were also beginning to notice and soon wanted to promote, especially for a potential icon.

Right before they headed for Texas, it seemed certain promotors already found their queen.

Company, Elegant Angel was held as the quintessential promotor of large ass business, especially for their Buttwoman phenomenon, which originally focused on an individual whose renown engages in anal sex. This individual was given the marker “Buttwoman”.

The criteria continued extending, you get me, and Brianna Love was chosen to secure the detail, as she became the new Buttwoman. Made since given her popularity revolving her giant ass.

However, as popular as Brianna was, there emerged a potential and she is from Texas—where everything was apparently big.

Alexis from Texas was a no brainer and chosen as the new-new Buttwoman. What followed was a continued explosion of favoritism as she was the go-to booty queen of all porn.

Till this day, she is “the most popular porn performers” having 3.8 million followers on her Instagram.

That said; let us get something straight here.

Ever since Texas, it seem everyone, at least among peers, inadvertently—deliberately banks off of what begun around Brianna and then secured by Alexis.

It seems no one will ever be equally or more ass-famous as Alexis or really anyone who shared her era. Darlings like AJ Applegate, Anikka Albrite, and even Jada Stevens (Stevens, to a certain extend) are merely enjoying an already well-established and now saturated theme—awesome, but not what it once was.


Nina Hartley’s butt queen status comes as a surprise considering her era during the second wave of the Golden age of porn—where seemingly no other queen was held. 

Yes. There were figures like Tanya Foxx, but only in retrospect, largely and certainly not famous for having large asses. 

Nina, however, was special.

She simply had no right to have such a popular big ass at such a place in history. Why was this? Was it those tan lines, those athletic curves? Perhaps, her ass transcended pass what was normal, maybe it was a novelty as one might have among peers. Some like Bridgette Monet had her beauty; others like Lili Marlene had her charisma—and tongue action.  

Nina had that ass, which continues famous and even more cherished as her eternal career lives.


Her website’s tagline reads “not your average everyday ass”—well I am tempted towards the tag being an understatement because my God!

Before PinkyXXX, this woman was certainly “The Original Ebony Big Booty Of Porn”. This is especially true given the state of the industry. Yes. There were figures like Tanya Foxx, but only in retrospect, largely and certainly not famous for having large asses. 

As mention, the era of the big-backs hadn’t swept up the more mainstream—more exposed side of the industry. Legends like Cherokee was more prevalent around fans of urban persuasion where she specifically reign supreme. Without a doubt, she topped among all others—the Alexis Texas of her peers!


Pinky XXX is the Tech N9ne of the sex industry! If Alexis Texas is the mainstream G.O.A.T of big booty then Pinky is takes the reigns as the indie G.O.A.T. of big booty.

I take off my hat to this absolute dynamo when it comes the business side of things and the ability to transcend beyond pornstar or adult entertainer, overall. I wouldn’t even consider Pinky a pornstar since don’t think it quite describe her stature—which is short (only 4’11″ in height). Pornographic movies are just auxiliary to her career. She is the unsung professor of her field and certainly understands the key interworking of her field—I defiantly recommend her various interviews on VladTV. An adult entrepreneur and prosperous businessperson, she’s a step greater than a mere prime era! 

I don’t ever see her falling off. Like Snoop Dogg, too much of a personality ambassador of the industry!

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