Best 5 Retro Cycling Jerseys of All Time

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Retro Cycling Jerseys which are also called throwback uniforms, throwback jerseys and retro kits are sports uniforms that are styled to resemble the uniforms that a team wore by sportsmen during the matches, in the past era. The retro jerseys can be referred as the used jerseys.

The people who are obsessed with cycling are fond of retro jerseys too, and they want to add a little vintage glimpse to their wardrobe by adding up some of their favourite retro jerseys which have been worn by their favourite sportsmen and if you are fond of retro jerseys too then here you go to check retro cycling jerseys. 

In particular, in the last years, we have noticed the rise in the popularity of retro cycling jerseys. The new and professional cyclists are looking back to the best past cyclists and are happy to wear their kits. We have discovered a cycling clothing company, which is producing the best retro cycling clothing in the market. Montella Cycling has over 100 retro cycling models for everyone’s taste with themes like Molteni and San Pellegrino, among others. Their eye-catching jerseys are built to reflect your classy, retro fashion tastes while keeping you comfortable on longer rides.

Montella’s vintage jerseys are perfect for intense exercise sessions, with its quick-dry, moisture-wicking polyester with mesh side panels. With an aerodynamic, ergonomic body fit, fortified rear pockets, and silicone grippers that keep the jersey from sliding, our designs are ideal for enthusiastic cyclists. Therefore if you are looking for novel, retro cycling jerseys

, go to Montella Cycling website. Their retro cycling clothing catalogue includes various styles Mapei, La Vie Claire, San Pellegrino to Raleigh retro, Peugeot bp. 

We have consulted with Montella about bestselling retro cycling clothing and they have helped us to pick up 5 best cycling jerseys of all time: 

1) Retro 1985 La Vie Claire Cycling Jerseys worn to win the Tour de France in the ‘80s twice by Bernard Hinault and the legendary Greg Lemond

2) Retro Molteni Arcore Retro Cycling Jersey worn by Eddy Merckx 

3) Brooklyn Retro Jerseys were worn by rider such as Roger De Vlaeminck

4) Retro St Raphael Quinquina Geminiani Jerseys worn French professional cycling team

5) Peugeot-Michelin Cycling jersey worn by two of the main riders on the team were Eddy Merckx, André Bayssiere

You will find all these retro jerseys on Montella Cycling website. Would you have any suggestions which retro jerseys could be included into this list please drop is a message. 

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