Best 10 Hottest Cheerleaders in NBA 2019

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We love to watch the NBA (National basketball association) because of our favorite superstars. But there is no doubt that the gorgeous, curvaceous, and ravishing cheerleaders add to the entertainment. None of the sports are complete without these dancers supporting their team. So, we researched and came up with ten hottest cheerleaders from the NBAs.

Klaudia from Luvabulls

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Worked as a dentist earlier, but now Klaudia is the youngest member of Luvbulls. Born in Illinois (Mount Prospect), she was a dance coach by profession. Sh studies at Harper College, and her first job was at Park District, as a dance instructor.

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Klaudia likes to eat in Parlor Pizza, and her favorite is cheese fries. She watches shows like The Bachelorette and Criminal Mind. She has involved in continuous work out regimes wherein her focus is on weight lifting, cardio, and abs. 

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Tawnee- Celtics Dancers

T, Tawn, or Tata, she is known with these three names.  An experienced leading lady at Boston Celtics Dancers, Tawnee stands at the second position. She is a student of Victim Witness Advocate from New Mexico. She enjoys being the captain of her dancing team, primarily if they are representing in an important event.  

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Tawnee is a kind-hearted human being who loves watching television. The Strangers and Nutty Professor are her favorite shows. She enjoys beaches, having nachos, and listening to R&B music.  

Carolina – Jazz Dancers

In the second year with Jazz Dancers, Carolina is 25 years old. This beautiful cheerleader is from Utah, wherein she started dancing with Radio Disney at an early age. When in high school, she joined Dance Company and Drill Team. Last season, Carolina cemented a spot with Jazz Dancers. It was her dream to be a jazz dancer, and now she is living the same. 

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Carolina likes watching television shows like The Voice, and her favorite movie is “How to lose a guy in 10 days”. She also has a crush on Liam Hemsworth. 

Felicia Detroit – Pistons Dancers

One of the most famous NBA cheerleaders, Felicia, loves doing makeup. She practices the same when not dancing for the Pistons. Center Stage is her favorite dance movie, and David Guetta’s Titanium is her most preferred song to dance. 

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Felicia readily confesses that she does not know how to ride a bicycle. She believes that there are no coincidences in this world; there is a reason behind any occurrence. She always advises that no one should give on their dreams. 

Sophie – Brooklyn Nets

Sophie was so passionate about dancing that she started practicing the moves at the age of 2 and started competitive dancing when she was 10. She shifted to New York to chase her dreams to be a dancer as well as a model and got her all the skills from Broadway Dance Center Summer Intensive, Rockette Summer Intensive, and Linda Dobbins Dance Academy. 

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Sophie took Fashion Marketing and Economics while studying at Pace University. Apart from being a dancer at Brooklyn Nets, she is also a model with Major Models New York. 

Kyla Fajardo – Clippers Spirit Dancers

Hailing from Bulacan (Philippines), Kyla dazzles any crowd with her dance moves. Why not? She has been developing her skills since high school. One of her trainers worked at Clippers Spirit Dancer. She pushed Kyla to join the group as well, and here she is, already in the second year with her team. 

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Beautiful blue-haired Kyla is a hip-hop dancer, but she is also interested in ballroom style. She is also a medical student and also works as a part-time dance trainer. 

Taylor Newman – Dallas Mavericks Dancers

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A rookie for the NBA crowd, this tan brunette is mere 20 years old. Looking at her perfect curves and dance moves, we can say that Dallas Mavericks Dancers are lucky to have her. Taylor Newman was cheering for NBA G league initially, and then she also spent a season with Texas Legends, which is a small affiliate of Mavericks. 

Emma Vega – Cleveland Cavalier Girls

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Another ravishing beauty, Emma looks precisely like a brown-eyed Barbie. Twenty years old, she is just a college student. Check her Instagram profile, and you will get to know that Emma is very concerned about her health and fitness. She also has a YouTube channel that has information about beauty and fashion. There are also various videos on the channel that frames Emma and her friends. 

Julia Fife, Dallas Mavericks Dancers

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In the second year with the Mavericks, Julia is a veteran dancer. She started cheering in her college days at the University of Texas. She also represents the MSA agency, an agency that connects and represents entertainment artists around the world.

Roxy Haserjian, Los Angeles Laker Girls

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It looks like we got another newcomer, but this time with Laker Girls. This beautiful brunette is looking ravishing and attractive in any hair color and dress. Back in 2014 – 15, she was a part of the LA Clippers Spirit. Roxy auditioned for the second season as well, but unfortunately; was not selected. 

According to the Instagram profile of Roxy, she is pursuing Special Education. She also advocates for autism awareness. 

This post was written by guest author Stewart Dixon. He is a sports lover and follower. He loves to watch and write about different sports.

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