Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert will be missed

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This morning it was announced that the Dallas Cowboys have cut backup quarterbacks Ben Dinucci and Garrett Gilbert. And as a Cowboys fan, this news cut deep. I had a real love-hate relationship with these guys, but now that’s finally over I’m pretty depressed to see them go. The team’s going with Cooper Rush as the backup to Dak, so I guess we’re just punting on the season if Prescott gets hurt. Makes sense, it’s not like he’s already having arm problems on top of coming off two ankle surgeries. No need for a decent backup, it’s not like we could’ve gotten Gardner Minshew for free.

While you’re never happy to see a guy lose his job, I can’t say the DiNucci cutting is as depressing as Gilbert. Now that he’s gone, I’m really having that post-nut clarity moment where I’m just in disbelief that I actually believed he could win the division last year. Ben started on Sunday Night Football against the Eagles last year, and I vividly remember thinking that he’d make some plays when he needed to and pull a win out of his ass. He went 21/40 with 180 yards. The team scored 9 points. He wasn’t the guy.

But, if we’re talking Garret Gilbert, I actually think that guy can do some stuff. And in comparison to DiNucci, he’s freaking Tom Brady. When he came in last year he gave the offense some real spunk, man. One time he started against an undefeated Steelers team and they were winning after like 3 quarters. That’s all you can ask for, right? So, if Dak goes down and Cooper Rush shits the bed while Garret Gilbert is lighting it up on some other practice squad, you heard it here first.

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