Becky Lynch Praises WWE Storytelling

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WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently did an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, for the Global Citizen Festival in New York City on September 28th. Lynch is scheduled to make an appearance to represent WWE, who’s taking part in the event for the first time in the company’s history.

The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival organized by the Global Poverty Project, which in short, does a lot of great things for people in poverty.

Lynch told Yahoo Entertainment that she’s excited for the event, and to be able to use her platform to put something good back into the world – which is admirable.

However, it was Lynch’s comments about WWE’s storytelling which raised my ire.

“We’re universal, everybody can relate to the stories that we tell. It’s a testament to what we’ve done.”

When you read that, you essentially must ask yourself if Lynch is either regurgitating the company line like a good little independent contractor, or if she truly believes that. Regardless, the conclusion is delusion.

Like most things in life, I’ve never viewed WWE as inherently good or bad. One thing that’s been consistently bad in WWE though, is episodic storytelling.

WWE’s modern storytelling rarely connects with its audience in an overly meaningful way, and it’s even less likely to connect with a larger, mainstream audience in a meaningful way either, unless something significant changes.

It certainly doesn’t connect with me or others I know in a meaningful way, but let’s throw the anecdotal evidence aside. If their storytelling connected with everyone, they wouldn’t be facing declines in ratings, merchandise sales and live event attendance. That’s quite the testament to what they’ve done.

Ironically, part of the blame does lie on the character Becky Lynch, who doesn’t live up to her ‘The Man’ moniker.  Granted, it’s a much larger, deeper problem at its very foundation which can be found with character after character. They’re often repeating poorly scripted material which doesn’t reflect a normal adult response to a similar situation. The writing of the show is erratic and full of gaps in logic.

Becky is clearly an incredibly loyal independent contractor. She’s using her platform to do good things, but maybe she should also use that platform to be more honest with herself and others in WWE.  

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