Beavis & Butthead Made A Live Appearance On Fox News Tonight

I don’t like getting too political here at ProSportsExtra I feel our job as bloggers here is to provide you the viewer with content that other media outlets don’t cover hence the Extra in our name. But every now and then politics even takes over our work tonight on Fox News Beavis and Butthead took over their broadcast polarizing the political world.

When I saw ‘Butthead’ was trending in politics on Twitter my first thought was who did Trump call a ‘butthead’ but the complete opposite the stars from the popular MTV show made a cameo on tonights broadcast.

You have to admit the resemblance is almost spot on. If they were ever casting for a live action version these guys have to move to the front of the line. I mean geez whoever these men are hilarious and I am sure before going on Fox News they could never imagine they would be trending on Twitter for looking like the real life version of Beavis & Butthead. Twitter is an unforgiving place. Hopefully these guys don’t have kids because I can only imagine how bad they are about to get clowned. YIKES.

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