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Bears’ TE Zach Miller Stable After Successful Surgery

Injuries are a nuisance no matter who you are. Whether it affects your body or your mind, they are a horrible thing to go through.

When playing a sport, you know what you are in for. You know that you are going to put all your heart and soul into the game. People also know that there is a high chance of injury no matter if it’s big or small.

Every NFL player is expecting to get hurt. Usually, they expect the well-known twisted ankles or bruised shoulders. No one expects an injury as bad as Bears’ TE Zach Miller’s was.

In the Chicago Bears’ Sunday Game, TE Zach Miller suffered a dislocated knee on a touchdown pass from Bears’ QB Mitchell Trubisky. The call was later overturned after review to say that it was not a touchdown.

Touchdown or not, this injury is not something to joke about.

Other than dislocating his knee, Miller tore his popliteal artery. The medics rushed him to the hospital for urgent vascular surgery. They were fighting time to save his leg.

The surgical team at University Medical Center New Orleans performed a successful surgery which is good news for Miller, and for the Chicago Bears.

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Good news is, Miller is going to be ok. Bad news is, Miller will not be ok for a long time. This affects Chicago as they now do not have the intimidating presence of Miller on the field. Miller has been a crucial part of Chicago’s offense and it is going to be hard to replace him.

Miller will have to go through a lot of healing and a lot of physical therapy to get back on the field. That’s if he even wants to. An injury like this could end any NFL player’s career. Hopefully, this doesn’t do that to Miller.

As for his recovery, we all know it’s… Miller Time!

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