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Bears’ Javon Wims Punches Saints Player With Helmet On (Video)

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In the first half of a tightly contested game against the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears wide receiver Javon Wims got ejected for a throwing a punch at a Saints player—who had his helmet on.

The player that got punched by Wims was Saints safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson.

The video below shows that Wims came right up to the Saints safety, talked some trash, and threw a couple swings at him before the referees and players intervened.

In a post by NFL Update, it is said that Gardner-Johnson is the same player who got into a fight with his teammate, wide receiver Michael Thomas.

Not trying to assume things, but something tells me that Gardner-Johnson could be reaching locker room cancer or high-level pest status, for the way his antics are going.

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