Baseball is Officially Back Today and I’m About to Run Through A Wall

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Here we go fam. The day has arrived, and it feels like a god damn holiday. Not too long ago it felt as if we might not get a season and that everything was doomed, but here we fucking are. The air feels crisp, the grass is cut, and the summer sun is playing peek-a-boo behind some lame cloud. Corkball baby.

When Gerrit Cole takes the mound tonight in his first regular season game for my Yanks, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to control myself. Having the opening day matchup with Scherzer is just flat out awesome, I can’t wait. Whole squad his healthy in thanks to the delayed start and we’re fucking loaded. Anything short of a Ring #28 this year is a colossal failure. There are zero holes on this roster. Injuries have always derailed us in recent years but if we can keep the squad together then there’s nothing stopping us. We also have arguably the greatest depth in the show, especially in the outfield, which will be key in a season like this. Gonna take wild guess and say that Gleyber will be in the MVP conversation by year’s end.

There’s also a lot to be excited about with other teams from around the league. Acuña is probably my favorite non-Yankees and might be the coolest player in the game. Bryce Harper is still going to do his thing for the Phils who also added Sir Didi Gregorius (we miss you Didi!). Even the Marlins have a lot of great prospects as well, I have no doubt that they’ll be back sooner than later. In the Central, The White Sox have a super cool young team with Luis Robert, Moncada, Tim Anderson, & Giolito. They’re definitely a team worth watching throughout the season. For the Tigers, it was unfortunate that Casey Mize couldn’t crack the starting rotation, but he will soon and he’s looking fantastic. They have a bunch of other great young prospects as well.

Out West maybe the Padres can actually do something this year with all of their talent. Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the next game’s young stars. For the Angels it’d be nice if they can finally win for Trout, but probably not lol. I love watching Ohtani (I wish there were more players like him) and we’ll see how much help Rendon is. Dodgers got Mookie and even though they’re always super talented, I’m never worried about them because they’re all pretty soft mentally. Don’t even get me started on Kershaw lmao. Oh, and let’s not us forget about how the Astros are going to get constantly beamed with baseballs. It stinks they won’t have the full shame tour with fans booing them but I’ll take what I can get and I’m sure the other players from around the league will make sure that they get their due.

Even though it’s a shortened season, I think it’ll be a lot of fun with all of the different aspects, such as the combined AL/NL divisions. With all of the marketing/popularity issues that the MLB has, this season might be the best thing that has happened to the league since the Steroid Era. I’m sure they’ll add some aspects from this year to future seasons. Merry Christmas baseball fans!

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