SmittyBarstool vs. Ninja Has To Happen… NOW

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Okay. Let me be honest, I’m a huge Fortnite fan and find myself watching streamers, and most of you know who Ninja is, I watch him more than I should… I also tune into Mixer to check out Covent. But what streamer do I watch the most?


He might not be good at Fortnite or any video games but he’s fun to watch.


And honestly sometimes he makes some surprising plays. And if you asked me, I’d have to take him over Ninja.. Would I put money down? No. But I’ll defend the best streamer of all time. He also doesn’t seem to only be in it for the money, he just purely enjoys gaming…. Unlike some streamers asking for donations every minute…..

And well… before when Ninja and Smitty played, Ninja actually put $100K on the line.

C’mon Ninja, make it happen. Soon.

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