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Barstool Talent Bracket!!!!! Vote on Twitter!! @JohnnyB1188

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Alright stoolies, it’s finally here. A bracket for the people by the people, to see who is King of the barstool empire. Vote on Twitter @JohnnyB1188

I took the list of the top 64 barstool personalities, gave them a seed 1 to 16. I then randomly drew names from the seeds to create the board. These matchups are completely random and there will be some upsets.

YP in the Viva La Stool Bracket as a 4 seed could win it all. I also like Big Ev as an 11 to make a big run in the Milton Bracket. The toughest bracket is the SAFTB bracket with KFC as the 1 seed. Fiets as the 2, Hank the 3 also including Smitty, Trent, Ria and Robbie Fox to name a few.

My predictions in my bracket are Dave squeaks by PFT in the Milton bracket to get to the final four. YP gets by the rocket Jared in the Viva La Stool side. Big Cat easily goes to the final four in the Blackout side. With a surprise 5 seed Kayce Smith coming out of the SAFTB bracket.

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