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Barstool Sports Top 10 Power Rankings !!

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1. Dave Portnoy- I don’t think I have to explain to explain this but a few points. Creator, Pizza Reviews, DDTG, King of the Mud.

2. Big Cat- Number 1 sports podcast. Unmistakable Mustache. The head gambling content machine. 2 Radio shows. 2 NFL shows and a College Football show.

3. Brandon Walker- The hardest working man at barstool just ask him. B90x has 2 radio shows, Walk the Line and Morning Sunshine, College Football Show, the number 1 College Football podcast, The Dozen, the man is a content maker. It’s also refreshing he actually knows and talks sports.

4. Handsome Hank- The commissioner and creator of stool streams, the producer of the number 1 sports podcast, RNR champ, producer of the oldest sports podcast picks em, number one Ryder, member of barstool hooligans. It’s safe to say Hank is the Renaissance Man at the pirate ship.

5. PFT Commenter- CoHost of the number 1 sports podcast, lead guitarist of pup punk, former cal place kicker, the dozen trivia show, host of a radio show, the biggest football guy at the company. PFT and his 5’9 and a half inch frame does a lot. Easily me of the most likeable personalities.

6. Marty Mush- CoHost of Walk the Line & Picks Central, the leader of the barstool gambling house, former minor league baseball at bat appearance, RNR champ, Making a Gambler creator. Mush might be the most talented at barstool, I say that because we really can’t tell if he’s that stupid or the bit is that good. His sarcasm and whit are second to none, and you can’t tell if he knows what those words mean.

7.Caleb/Rone- The beat duo in the business. The storm chasers themselves. Both are on the yak radio show, and are the best commentators at rough and rowdy. Caleb does concussion protocol and 51 stokes podcast and ran the Dixie tour. Rone does the fantasy football factory does the special reports for college football and is the lead singer of pup punk. These two are the Batman and Superman at barstool.

8. KFC- The OG best blogger at barstool. By far my favorite blogger of all time, he would be higher but he’s busy and can’t do it anymore but I get that. He is the creator and CoHost of the longest podcast KFC Radio at barstool, Host of his radio show, also we gotta believe pod, The goddamn Jets video series, and one minute man. Love KFC, I know he takes a lot of heat but he’s literally me being a Jets, Mets, Knicks pessimistic fan. He speaks for the real fans of those teams.

9. Fran- CoHost of chicks in the office, CoHost of The Dime Package, fantasy football and bachelor/bachelorette guru, always foremost person at barstool when it comes to the newest trends, and knows her football! Love what you do Fran!

10. Frankie Borrelli- I mean he is Dave’s guy. Pizza review camera guy, foreplay pod member, drummer of pup punk. Without Frankie the pizza reviews would not be the same. He has been Dave’s right hand man for years and is doing great branching out with the golf pod.

Honorable Mentions- KB, Nick, Jeff D Lowe, Large, Donnie Does

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