Barstool Sports Kevin “KFC” Clancy Wrongly Reported To Child Protective Services Over 2018 Tweet | Has To Prove To CPS……

Kevin Clancy (KFC) of Barstool Sportshas been reported to Child Protective Services and he is currently battling an open case. Clancy opened up on Barstool Radio that he was anonymously reported to Child Protective Services because of a tweet thread in 2018 where he jokingly mentioned throwing his daughter into a recycling bin.

The tweet came after a threat of tweets where he joked about having to take his daughter to ballet and dealing with her pooping, he joked about it being so bad he had to throw the clothes and the baby out into a recycling bin.

CPS has opened up a case and he now has to prove he’s a good dad and doesn’t hurt his daughter and is capable of taking care of her… all because someone can’t take a joke. Get off the Internet if you reported him. Just delete all of your social media…

I went ahead and found the tweets… You tell me. CPS needed?

Hell no.

We all know a parent who should have it called and KFC surely isn’t one.

Enough to have CPS Called?

Are you kidding me? There are kids being actually hurt by parents and you’re going to waste your time and energy looking into Kevin Clancy? Kevin’s talked about everything he has battled with after cheating on his wife and not having the “family” that he wanted… And now this pops up? I’m assuming this was reported in October of 2018, because if someone recently called CPS because of this, you’re even bigger of a piece of shit.

And if you’re doing this because you thought it was a joke, way to go. Way to make a man have to worry about losing his daughter because of… NOTHING. Way to go. Kevin, we know you wouldn’t hurt your daughter.

A long time Barstool fan with the username: u/veritas38 posted:

“I’ve been following Barstool Sports for over 10 years now, and this shit needs to stop. I can understand if you don’t like KFC and his shtick or if you don’t like him because of his affair, but grow up and leave the guy alone. KFC made a mistake…whether you’d like to admit it or not, I know all of us have done the same. He’s apologized to the stoolies (although he didn’t even have to..) and he’s acknowledged that those closest to him have forgiven him in certain ways.. It also sounds like him and Caitlin have a little bit better relationship now.

Seeing all of these stupid articles ripping on him is so incredibly childish and after seeing this CPS one, I felt like I had to say something because it’s getting out of control and legitimately fucked up. I truly don’t understand why some stupid kids need to go around trying to ruin this guys life even more than it already is. This is a REAL life we are talking about with REAL consequences, not to mention his actual children are now getting involved when they don’t even know what’s going on, and this constant badgering can lead to VERY REAL mental and/or drug abuse issues to the point where someone could take their own life.

These keyboard warriors need to chill the fuck out and grow up. All of us have skeletons that we aren’t proud of, so I’m not quite sure why it’s all of a sudden cool to make fun of the guy that cheated on his wife and report him to CPS when nobody is involved in anything to do with his personal life. This shit is fucking sad and childish.

As is the thought of making fun of someone that is depressed, has mental issues, or has drug issues. It’s a fucking terrible stigma that is childish and bullshit that a lot of stoolies love to perpetuate. I love Barstool Sports but some of the stoolies in this very sub are fucking vile. Grow up and leave this guy alone. I guarantee none of you would say any of these things to his face if you saw him in person and you’d probably ask for a picture.

And to everyone that will say I’m a KFC stan, you’re dead wrong. I personally don’t care for his or Feits (ricochet shot, sorry) content and chose years ago to not really consume it, aside from the random check-in to see if I’m still over the overly dramatic takes. But you know what I don’t do? I don’t fucking rip the guy for a making a mistake in his life and I sure as hell don’t continue to perpetuate it over the internet or call fucking CPS on him because I sure as hell know he isn’t a bad father and don’t want to affect his children’s lives anymore than they already are.

I don’t care if this gets downvoted because it’s honestly childish and insane and downright embarrassing that this is how we treat one of our own when they have written multiple long-form pieces detailing their struggles with their situation and it’s embarrassing to see this stuff from our very-own community.”

Enough is enough. This was a joke twitter threat. CPS, this is terrible. I hope you read this and look Kevin in the eye and say that you’re sorry. Because that’s what this man deserves. He has admitted it already screwing up his family, and now?? Now this? I feel bad for KFC.


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