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Barstool Sports Just Signed A ‘Major’ Talent To It’s Roster | Who Does Twitter Think It Is?

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Barstool Sports has recently announced they’ve signed someone to it’s roster that’s very talented. It seems like it’s been awhile since Barstool had an announcement for someone they’ve hired.

Update: Could it be Deion Sanders? Click here!!

The Barstool Breakfast Twitter account tweeted out breaking the news to everyone without announcing the name.

No one knows who the person is yet.

People are saying it could be them hiring someone who has already been working with Barstool.

I think it’s more than likely someone new.

Who does Twitter think they’ve signed??

Multiple people tweeted about hopefully it being Francis Ellis. Francis worked for Barstool before but was fired.

If you’re a Stoolie you remember Michigan man! Haha!

Could it be? Peter Nelson?! The man who was just fired from HBO? The man who ruined Sofia and Call Her Daddy?

Deion Sanders is out of NFL Network… Maybe him? LOL!


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