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Barstool Sports Just Hired Deion Sanders? People Believe So. Announcement Wednesday Morning?

Today we all found out that Deion Sanders is no longer going to be with NFL Network.

Deion has always been a man whose vocal and loves being on the microphone. What better place to fit in than Barstool Sports?

Barstool Breakfast announced tonight Barstool Sports has hired a MAJOR talent.

Although I can’t confirm that it’s Deion, people are believing it’s him. Reddit is claiming that Deion followed Barstool today.

People are claiming that it’s him on Twitter! This move would be huge. Deion having a podcast/radio show with Barstool?

Deion has done content with Barstool in the past and this hiring would make MAJOR… MAJOR HEADLINES!

It’s not like Dave Portnoy couldn’t afford it.

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