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Barstool Sports Considering Starting Only Fans? The Feet Of Barstool! Dave Portnoy To OnlyFans? |

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During a recent episode of The Dave Portnoy Show, Portnoy himself brought up about how Barstool Sports is somewhat considering starting up an Only Fans account.

The idea comes from Gaz who has been with the company for majority if it’s existence.

What content would you see on the Barstool OnlyFans?


We all know about the Portnoy leaked sex tape – he talks about it all the time. Hell he was offered good money to move into the porn industry.

Now? Maybe Portnoy will be selling his feet pics on OnlyFans.

I’m sure that employees would get a good cut of the profit for putting their feet on the account, males and females. Barstool employee Brandon Walker recently posted on Twitter and including a picture that showed his feet – Trysta who is another BS employee told him that he should have blurred his feet. even reached out:

This sounds like something that’ll be happening sooner rather than later. I don’t blame Dave or anyone who’d be interested in this. The OnlyFans market is huge.

It’ll be interesting to see if they do this. Some of the employees would make a huge amount of money if they did OnlyFans on their own. I couldn’t imagine how much some of the employees like Kayce Smith, Ria, Fran, Trysta and some others would make. Or even CEO Erika Nardini? People will buy them.

On the other hand – we know that Stoolies will buy pictures of people like Frank The Tank as well:

Would you pay $10 to see someone’s feet?

You can listen to the full podcast below:

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