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Barstool Sports’ Brianna Chickenfry Could Take Your Man If She Wanted To!

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Brianna Chickenfry is everything that a man wants ina woman. She’s smart, successful, is absolutely stunning.

Brianna first came to fame after amassing a large following on TikTok. Barstool took notice and ultimately offered her a job as a blogger with the organization. She is the self proclaimed “CEO Of Hangovers”, but if you look at her pictures below, she looks like anything but a mess.

Brianna had the following to say about the process of being hired at Barstool:

“I was actually found through Barstool on TikTok for making my stupid videos. My funny videos. My hangover videos. And I got a DM and they were like, ‘Can I have your email?’ and I’m like, ‘Is this real life?’ and then we kept in touch. And then all of a sudden I’m an intern. And then all of a sudden I’m working there full-time, like, literally in a blink of an eye,” she explained.


So yes, as the headline states. Ladies, Brianna could take your man if she wanted to. She’s that damn hot. Heck, she could even become a step-mom to many, because husbands would definitely leave their wives for her. Give it a couple more years, and Brianna will become the “Queen of Barstool.”

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