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Barstool Sports Bracket Round 1 Recap!!!!!

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This is Bracket is by stoolie for the stoolies. Round 1 went off awesome with tons of participation. The names were seeded by me and the match ups were random draws from a hat. I then broke the bracket into four regions like the March Madness Bracket. The 4 Regions are Milton, Viva La Stool, Blackout, and S.A.F.T.B.

In the Milton region, There were a couple of upsets in the first round with the #9 seed Kate of Zero Blog Thirty knocking off Alex of Call Her Daddy. Rear Ad of Spittin Chiclets who was a #12 seeds knocked off #5 Nate, it was an upset seed wise but not content. The last upset in the Milton bracket was Big Ev aka Double Vodka Don knocking off #6 seeded Gay Pat. Overall in this region Davey Pageviews will be very hard to defeat, although you could see the #2 seed PFT from Pardon My Take and Bartstool Van Talk Fame take the big man down he did have the 2nd highest percentage of votes in round 1.

Moving on to the Viva La Stool region, there is a force building in what some regular barstool fans consider a Cinderella.  After recieving the most amount of votes and percentage the #11 Minihane could be the darling of the bracket. The minifans came out in huge numbers to support Kirk in the #barstoolsportsbracket on twitter.  He will be a very formidable opponent in every round and probably the favorite. Other news in this region the #14 Jerry Thornton upset the #3 Rone in one of biggest upsets to date. Overall in this region it will be tough to take down Kirk, but Natdini and I think Jared could bring enough fire power to do it.

The Blackout Region is Big Cat’s to lose. I do t see him having trouble getting to the elite 8. Maybe a push from Marty Mush and the Rat’s followers but I think he will cruise past everyone. Everyone that is until a potential matchup with Steven Cheah. The Cheah hive came out in numbers to defeat a tough Biz Nasty in the first round. I think the Cheah hive vs Big Cat matchup would be huge and could tear The Yak apart. I would love to see that happen in the elite 8. Everything else was pretty chalk here in this region except a #15 Big Tennessee knocking off #2 Kmarko out of no where. One of the newest members of content knocking out one of the oldest was very interesting.

The last but definitely not least is the S.A.F.T.B region. Kind of a chalky region as well. Big upset with Feits going down to #15 Cousin Mike. That one was a shocker I thought John could have taken this whole region. I can see another big upset coming with the first #1 seed K.F.C. being knocked of by Robbie Fox. Fox has wrestling twitter, MMA fans and nerds everywhere. I think that one will be close. To be honest I think the winner of #5 Kayce Smith vs #4 Smitty wins this region. I just think they will get the votes after one knocks off the other.

So get out and vote!! Retweet and share the shit out of this. Let’s make #barstoolsportsbracket trending. Let’s let the people in the bracket aware and want to beat their coworkers.

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