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Barstool Sports Already Raised $3M To Give To Small Businesses!! Will Roger Goodell Step Up And Put The Past Behind Him And Donate To The Barstool Fund?!

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Dave Portnoy the founder of Barstool Sports is doing great things right now for small businesses that are struggling.

After ranting about the government not helping Americans and small businesses and going viral – he was told to put his money where his mouth is by Marcus Lemonis – Portnoy almost right away started the The Barstool Fund.

Portnoy put his own money into the Barstool Fund and started selling tshirts putting the profits of shirts into the fund, asking his millionaire friends to donate and well… its working.

The Barstool Fund is already helping 8 small businesses with more coming. They’re already approaching $3,000,000 that will be donated to small businesses. By the time I finish typing this it’ll be at $3,000,000.

A huge jump happened when Dana White who runs UFC donated $100,000.

Up next? Roger Goodell?!. Will he put the past and his opinion of Dave Portnoy away and donate to The Barstool Fund?

Portnoy has been kicked out of the Super Bowl, handcuffed and thrown in jail at NFL HQ – but also was willing to put up $250,000 to watch Monday Night Football with him and the money would go to Front line workers. Goodell and the NFL declined Portnoys offer. Goodell should do the right thing!

Portnoy is challenging Goodell:

So will Goodell put his opinion in the past and donate? Not likely.

But it would be the smartest thing he’s done during his entire time as NFL commissioner. Who cares if you don’t like Portnoy, do what’s right!

Click here to learn more about The Barstool Fund.

The reaction of the business owners are just what you’d expect:

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