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Barstool Employees Travel To Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – Compete In Outhouse Race, Check Out Mystery Spot, Yooper Tourist Trap and Much More!

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Barstool Sports is one of the most popular media companies and they’re constantly growing. Recently three content creators, Nick, The Wonton Don, and KBNoSwag, decided to travel to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a place that I get to call home. A place where I have lived my entire life, 22 years, a place that I love and a place that I hate. Rough winters but beautiful summers.

The Barstool crew was to find that out. They came for the annual Mackinaw Outhouse Push! But traveled throughout the U.P to prepare for the race.

They traveled to the U.P and had multiple things planned from stopping at the popular Mystery Spot, the Yoopers tourist trap, and other spots!

The Barstool crew also went swimming with Aqua Man Dan to prepare for the race! I’ll tell you this, I’ve lived in the U.P my entire life and never have went into the Lake Superior water during the winter!

KB, Nick, and Donnie, made sure to experience as much as they could while they were in the U.P! And you can watch the YouTube video: Rediscovering America: The Great Lakes below:

If I were them, I’d come back during the summer! Much better then. They can come camping / visit the Blue Bird motorhome with me.

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