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Baltimore Ravens Sign New Quarterback; NFL Ranks The Top 40 Running Backs From Worst To First!

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The Ravens have been rather fortunate of having a solid quarterback at the helm for the majority of their existence. Joe Flacco led the team to a Super Bowl victory, and after his time came to an end he Lamar Jackson stepped up and became the new face of the franchise.

It was then announced earlier this week that the Ravens signed former Monmouth quarterback Kenji Bahar to a three year contract.

Bahar is a Baltimore native and threw for 3,684 yards and 30 touchdowns at Monmouth during the 2019 season. Monmouth did not play a fall 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and they only played four games in the delayed spring of 2021 season.

In other NFL news, if you haven’t watched this video yet you absolutely should. The NFL ranked the “Top 40 Running Backs” from Worst to First. Watch the video and find out where your teams running back ranks according to the NFL YouTube page!

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