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Baltimore Ravens corner Marlon Humphrey still in hot water

Marlon Humphrey was a productive player in a very deep class of NFL rookies. He had played all 16 games for the Ravens last season, lining up opposite of free agent acquisition Brandon Carr a majority of the time. Especially later on during the season. The 6’1″ cornerback is a native of Hoover, Alabama.

The No. 17 overall pick in the 2017 NFL draft out of the University of Alabama is in extremely hot water after an Über ride that went absolutely haywire.

Marlon Humphrey was arrested on Thursday and was immediately charged with third degree robbery after assualting an Über driver for use of her cell phone charger. According to his esteemed lawyer, Paul Patterson, Humphrey took an Über ride to a hotel somewhere in Tuscaloosa. While en route to his destination, he picked up what he thought was his iPhone charger. After they got to the hotel, the Uber driver noticed he had the charger, became very infuriated and escalated the situation, proceeding to get in Humphrey’s face.

The police report states that Humphrey elbowed the driver in the side. However, Humphrey did not leave a mark or do  any personal injury onto the driver after the woman attempted to recover the charger. Humphrey, however was accused of other property being damaged while exiting out of the vehicle, which is stated in the report. It further goes on to say that he had balled up his fist and acted like he wanted to fight the driver.

Marlon Humphrey was booked in Tuscaloosa County Jail and released on a $2,500 bond.

Marlon Humphrey’s esteemed lawyer said sometime yesterday afternoon that he is literally “dumbfounded” that after everything that has happened, a warrant was albeit issued for the arrest of the young Ravens player.

He believes heavily that his client’s case involving the alleged theft of a phone charger will be dismissed, stating that the young man has “11 million reasons to not steal a $15 cord”. He simply believes that the driver is after the young man’s pockets.

As for the team knowing about the situation, he has already spoken with the organization. He has told them that this is all just a simple misunderstanding. No date has yet been set for a preliminary hearing.

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