Ballina-Cup League Commissionaire Mike Stud Makes Official Call On Machine Gun Kelly vs Nelk Match-up | @JustMike @machinegunkelly @theballinacup @NelkFilmz

We have the official call on the Nelk Vs Machine Gun Kelly beer pong matchup.

If you didn’t read my last post about what happened, click here. To give you a quick rewind, Ballina-Cup is a new beer pong tournament that’s taking place because of the coronavirus!

Last night rapper MGK played against the YouTubers NELK in a huge matchup. The beef started right away as Nelk came out disrespecting MGK, but all in fun:

To advance to the next round you have to win two games, it’s the best out of three. After the first game MGK decided to end the live video although he won. He clearly understood that there is three games because Nelk member Kyle showed texts between them. That brought to me publish the blog last night about how MGK should be forced to forfeit.

The commissionaire of the league is rapper Mike Stud he made his official statement on situation:

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