Baker Risks It All!

Baker Mayfield Spotted Playing Out Of Position With A Kid

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield decided to switch to corner today as he lined up one on one with a camper. Baker was on turf with no spikes. Turf has been known to take away ACL’s, MCL’s, and all sorts of ligaments. On the verge of getting a new contract this can’t possibly be the smartest thing in the world. Imagine putting it all on the line just to make a kid happy! Imagine putting your money, career, and team’s future on the line to play catch with some kid! I hope that the Browns brass sit Baker down and help him understand that he is the franchise, he can’t do those sorts of things if he wants to remain in good health.

Do you see how dumb this sounds? Lamar Jackson was the head of the news cycle for about a week for playing football with kids. I would say I expect the same thing to happen to Baker but we know it won’t. If you all won’t keep that same energy I most definitely will.

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