Baker Mayfield is Cleveland’s weakest link!

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The Cleveland Browns are a talented team with a lot of high profile names. It is really unfortunate that the quarterback and former number one overall pick is acting as a governor on this otherwise luxury sports car.

A quick 4-1 start was marred by an underwhelming performance against hated bitter rival Pittsburgh. It looked as if the game plan was abandoned too early and that resulted in putting too much on Mayfield’s shoulders.

It is clearly becoming evident that Mayfield is the weakest link and if the Browns plan to advance past mediocrity, Mayfield will eventually have to be replaced.

Now don’t get me wrong, Mayfield has a strong arm and has above average mobility. The problem is the mistakes he makes are some that have plaqued him his entire career and it is looking more like that is just who he is rather than a coaching error.

First, Mayfield has to know that throwing a fastball to his running backs in the flat are a no. Unfortunately he repeatedly shows off his arm strength at the wrong moments. This reminds me of Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre in the early 90’s.

If he could learn to not panic and add a bit of touch to his passes, this offense would be more than above average. The reality is if teams want to beat Cleveland, stopping the run is priority number one and priority number two is to patiently wait for Mayfield to self implode.

This young signal-caller has to adapt or he will be put in an unfamiliar position. Mayfield can play in this league, unfortunately, I see a player who has to progress or he will become a backup player or a placeholder for an elite prospect. I don’t envision Mayfield accepting something he doesn’t belive he is and I think he will eventually becomes a cautionary tale for NFL executives moving forward.

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