‘Bagel Boss Guy’ Signs Deal to Fight Other Viral Celebrities

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Do you remember that one viral video in which a short guy after fighting in a bagel shop with other people just because he was mad about women shunning him on dating sites due to being short?

Well, that man is in the news again. But this time, he’ll likely be getting paid to fight other celebrities. Yes, the story writes itself. 

First reported by TMZ and by the New York Post, Chris Morgan, or also known as ‘The Bagel Guy’ has signed an undisclosed deal to participate in a celebrity boxing match. 

He was seen on TMZ and to an unknown reporter after signing contracts by fighting promoter Damon Feldman and is scheduled to be in the ring on Sept. 7 in Atlantic City. 

Feldman believes there is a chance Morgan could be fighting another viral celebrity in Antoine Dobson, who was filmed after his reaction to a home intruder in 2010. 

Morgan said his natural talents include ‘getting possessed’ and also claims he is naturally tough to his future competitors. 

“I’m just naturally tough — I’ll whoop his ass,” Morgan boasted in his interview. “If he thinks he’s gonna win, fuggedaboutit!”

Morgan became a viral celebrity after his complete meltdown after women mocked him for being 5-foot even. 

If you’d like to see it again, here is the video from Twitter’s Clay Travis down below. Also, if you want to read our previous blog on the Bagel Guy, click here

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