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Bad News For Tokyo Joshi Pro And STARDOM, Giulia Is Ailing

STARDOM abruptly cancelled their show today in Osaka right at the start of it. The ring announcer came out for opening announcements and told the crowd that an unnamed member of the roster, who was not at the event, tested positive for COVID-19. Everyone on today’s card had their temperature checked and were cleared to compete. The event was still cancelled out of precaution.

Late this week, STARDOM announced that Giulia was pulled from today’s event because she’s been having severe headaches. She is the Wonder of STARDOM Champion, one-third of the Artists of STARDOM Champions (with Syuri and Maika), and the company’s top heel.

Saki Kashima was pulled from last weekend’s STARDOM events for what was only described at the time as her “poor physical condition”. No other updates have been given on her condition and status.

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling held their fourth day of the Tokyo Princess Cup 2020 tournament today. Shortly after the show ended, they announced that they too had a member of their roster test positive for the virus. The person was not named, but they said she was not there at the building. They have now cancelled tomorrow’s show and the 8/22 event because of this.

The semifinals of the Tokyo Princess Cup tournament were to take place tomorrow and the finals are scheduled for 8/29. The 8/22 date was supposed to be a non-tournament show. You can read results of today’s event here:

Moka Miyamoto was pulled from today’s TJPW as she was having symptoms of heat stroke.

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